Q&A in DNA testing at MMALAb

Requirement for DNA paternity profiling

Q. Why do people want to do DNA profiling?

Ans. This test is used for a number of reasons a woman seeking child support, custody or visitation rights, children seeking their biological families, identification of lost relatives/parents, inheritance rights, immigration, establishing a relationship for organ transplants, criminal cases & establishing blood lineage & ancestry.


Q. Where can I get a DNA test done?

Ans. Physical Presence: – Persons or families requesting DNA profiling must visit our office or an approved associate office in the presence of an accredited/approved staff for documentation and sampling. The arrangement can also be made for home /office appointments.

Q. What kind of identity proof is needed?

Ans. Identity proof: – A copy of any national /international ID card is accepted. Eg. Passport, Voters ID, Driver’s License, National ID, Birth Certificate. For infants, the National Health Insurance (NHIS) card, Delivery form/records/ weighing book are accepted.

Q. Do I need passport pictures?

Ans. Yes. Two (2) copies of recent passport pictures each are required and must be provided during the day of documentation and sampling.

Q. What does the documentation involve?

Ans. Consent Form:- A consent form will be made available on the day of documentation. It involves explaining in detail; the requirements, and procedures, taking demographics, filling and signing of appropriate sections, reporting and interpretations, as well as some legal implications. This documentation process takes about 40 minutes and it is the main determinant of the time that will be required to complete the entire process.

Q. What sample is required?

Ans. Sampling:- 6 mL whole blood, divided into 2 Lavender Top (EDTA) tubes for each individual is taken. Blood sampling usually comes with minimal discomfort with few ending with pain at the site of collection.

Q. Do I need a court order before DNA testing?

Ans. No. if all parties agree to test, there is no need for a court order for paternity testing. DNA profiling can be done for personal reasons also.

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