MMALABS continuously seek the support of partners with similar business goals and ideas to bring about a meaningful change in healthcare. We invite people to experience and learn from our diverse network and know more about our expertise, knowledge and legacy that comes with years of customer trust and dependence. If you feel the challenge to do more for the community, increase the health of the population you serve, provide better care, and at reduce costs, then MMALABS remains committed with revealed new technologies and processes every day. Our superior approach can help you achieve your multiple goals, even as you leverage the new, expensive advances in healthcare with more strategic use of your lab business.


  • Outsourcing
  • Lab management partnership
  • Full lab management

To help health systems and laboratories enhance their organizational strength and capabilities, we form joint ventures and take co-ownership of their lab operations and related services.

Joining our franchise model will enable your business benefit and grow faster with Ghana's fastest growing laboratory chain.

The burden of technology, IT infrastructure, staffing, quality assurance, management and planning are well established.

We ensure Smoother, Quicker and Transparent Operations with deep level integrations to automate clients experience.


  • Exclusive MMALABS collection Center
  • Minimum investment around GHS 20000.00
  • Good Return on Investment

To take our brand values ahead, we look out for dynamic investor partners who are willing to contribute successfully to our network with good ROI.

We possess proven customization capabilities in optimizing the discounts, transfer pricing models and service offerings that favor all the stakeholders.

With MMALABS, you can expect excellent booking assistance, sample & report tracking. 

We understand how important transparency is in any relationship, so we pledge to communicate clearly and fully at every step of the process

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