DNA Testing in Ghana: the MMA story

Paternity/Kinship Testing, popularly known in Ghana as DNA Testing, is one of the specialized laboratory tests that provide an accurate characterization of mostly paternal-child relationships. It involves analysing the genetic makeup of two or more individuals to determine their relatedness.

The benefits of DNA testing in Ghana are numerous. They are required by law in medico-legal issues such as in paternity and family disputes where there is disowning of a child or determining the father of a child. The test is also required by embassies for migration purposes. The ability of DNA testing to cure emotional distress can only be likened to the happiness that emanates from the birth of a child to a couple after decades of fertility challenges.

In Ghana, over the years, DNA testing has been one examination that has come with a lot of challenges. It is described as one of the most expensive tests denying many the opportunity to clear their doubts about relatedness. It has also been one of the tests with a huge access deficit. Until recently, DNA testing services can only be accessed in Accra, the nation’s capital. As well, issues with delays in results delivery, and difficulty in meeting the requirements and documentation are other challenges that have hindered access to the service. To curb these difficulties and make the test routinely available in all regions, some laboratories have established collection centres in some regions but the setbacks continue to linger.

In 2016, a major breakthrough was made with the introduction of highly effective means for access and cost-effectiveness. Modern Medical Associates Ltd (MMALab), a start-up of Ghanaian origin partnered with one of the largest laboratory testing industries in the world, to make specialized laboratory testing much easier for the many who need them. Dr. Lal PathLabs is of Indian Origin, with a presence in over 20 countries all over the world. Accredited by the American College of Pathologists and the International Standardization Organization (ISO 15189), it is the leading and most reputed diagnostic service provider in India, and the only diagnostic centre listed on the India Stock Exchange.

This partnership has subsequently made MMALab a facilitating laboratory in Ghana ensuring DNA testing service is made available to all and sundry who require it. In less than two years MMALab (Dr. Lal Pathlabs) has become a household name in DNA testing, as well as general laboratory testing. Also, with accurate and cost-effective laboratory testing, MMALab is now felt all over the country with an associate lab in almost all the regions of Ghana.

It is obvious that the achievement by MMALab in Ghana – making a huge impact on the life of patients and clientele – has been possible through the conscious efforts of its leaders towards making laboratory testing easily accessible and affordable to everyone. With their home sampling and swift delivery of results, many have considered them among the top knowns in the Industry.

There is no doubt now, that DNA testing is among the tests that are easily available, with many labs now joining in the scope to make specialized testing in Ghana hustle free. Doing DNA tests in Ghana now is without stress and MMALab has really been the game changer.



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